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RUNWAY Fashion Source interviews Wolfon Wear

As the Runway discovers the wonderful world of fashion the venture has been a exciting experience with the many unique designers and at this time one man stands out with a signature look that surpass the everyday look. Wolfon's Wear is burning a trail across Texas and the nation with creating designs that show his attention to detail, combining texture and color that fit the occasion in any season.

RW: Let's get to know the man behind the designs! We would like to know what got you interested designing and when did you get started with your first designs?

WW: As I started out fourteen years ago making historical costumes for various shows and events, such as the Renaissance Festival, this gave me the chance to recreate fashion from an era where the style was unique and truly different. A lady soon approached me from Waco, Texas that admired my fashion and asked me to design some evening dresses to wear to the country galas and that inspired my current collection.

RW: As many do not understand the artistic creativity of designing and what the process of producing one of a kind creations. Could you elaborate how you come to the final decision with you designs?

WW: I start out first by draping a basic design and if it's the vision Iam attempting to capture, I then do the model fitting. I do any alterations or corrections on the model, as I love to design on the body it produce an exact fit.

RW: What type of style do you cater towards?

WW: Right now I cater to the styles that are worn in club/evening scenes, film and music video. My dresses range in size 0 -12 right now, but will be going up to size 18-20.

RW: what types of fabric do you like working with and do you follow the rule with the seasonal colors?

WW: I can work with any fabric, but the biggest thing is that it has to be eye catching. Living in South Texas (Houston), I really don't follow the seasonal colors. It stays so hot here for a longer period of time spring and summer colors are worn longer.

RW: What do you look for when choosing the models to wear your designs?

WW: I look for a number of things first attitude, you don't have to look like a model to wear my clothing, but my clothing will make you feel like one. Second, I want the people looking at my dresses to be able to vision themselves in those dresses?

RW: As your designs have been featured in various runway shows in the Houston and Austin, Texas fashion circuit, have you had the opportunity to expand to any other cities?

WW: Houston and Austin have been great and were currently asked to show my designs in Dallas.

RW: What is your opinion on the fashion industry and how the styles have changed throughout the years?

WW: The fashion industry is an exciting community and for the most part a close-knit family. The changes with the fashion industry have been for the good and there are things that could be improved if some of the older traditions were bought back.

RW: What are your plans for the upcoming fall and winter?

My plans for the upcoming season can be seen in my up coming shows. So stay tuned in for locations and dates.

RW: Where can your designs be seen and purchased?

WW: Currently my designs can be purchased at Ash Couture in Pearland, Texas and my website


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