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RUNWAY Fashion Source Interviews Premiere Promotions, Inc.

Premiere Promotions, Inc. is known as one of Texas' top promotional modeling agencies. Stephanie Stenzel Talafuse open her company in 1992. She is celebrating 20 years in the business.

RWFS would like to ask about the person behind the company when did you become interested in industry and how did you start your own company?

PP I've been modeling since the age of 14. I was always in dance, drama and pageants so it was natural for me to go into modeling with my height. I realized when I was in high school that I wanted to make a career out of modeling. I won a regional model search through Page Parkes Modeling Agency and they sent me to Milan, Italy to model when I graduated high school. Once I was working in Milan I realized I wanted to open my own agency when I got back to Texas. When I returned I went to Sam Houston State University and got my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Radio, TV and Film and started my own agency in 1992.

RWFS Who are the others involved with making the business a success and what are their positions in the company?

PP I have my parents to thank for being there and believing in me. They spent a lot of time and money on modeling schools, photoshoots and lessons. Everything else was my own hard work and dedication.

RWFS As Premiere has evolved over the years into a company that does all the work, leaving the client the time to relax and enjoy the event. You provide full service for promoting and coordinating, what are some of the things your company provides for creating an event that is hassle free for the client and leaves that lasting memory?

PP I started my agency as a choreography and modeling agency then went into staffing and coordinating events. We do everything from choreographing fashion shows, producing pageants and model searches and helping with grand openings, conventions, parties and nightclub events.

RWFS Who are some of the companies Premiere have done business with in coordinating their functions and what do you find to be the most interesting and why?

PP I love all the aspects of coordinating events & parties. It feels great to have someone come up and say wow that was a fun event or what a great party. We have worked with numerous companies including; please feel free to use any of the companies listed on our website…

RWFS As Premiere host various yearly events under trademarked titles, what do you feel are the benefits of the events, as for enriching and promoting the models involved?

PP I enjoy changing the lives of my models & staff. It's truly amazing to take a new girl in the industry and help train and guide her. Because I was once a model I understand the pressures, stress and financial aspect of modeling. You get turned down a lot more than you realize so it's important to stay positive and reach for your goals. Some models want to be famous, others want to have fun and meet new people and others just want to make extra money.

RWFS As you're recognized for handling some of Texas top models in the industry what do you look for in a model and what ages?

PP Most of our models are 21 & up and are TABC certified to serve and promote liquor. Most of our clients are nightclub and liquor companies we need them to be legal and certified. We used to produce all natural pageants for kids so we have a big data base of children 1-12 years as well. We also staff some male models 21-35yrs for bartending and special events.

Stephanie Stenzel Talafuse - President
5959 West Loop South, Suite 384
Bellaire, TX 77401
713-699-9858 wk
832-201-6563 fax

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