JaVonne Harris Interviews (DJ) CHILL BEATZChill Beatz

JH: I'm here with my dear friend and future ex-husband Chill Beatz"You got the 1 and only Chill Beatz in the building; get your asses out your seat and on your feet"

JH: You're so silly baby but let's get down to it…Do you have your own label?

CB: I do actually have a production company, we don't actually have a full fledge label. I am apart of J.O.B. ENT. Which is a label but I'm not the owner. There is a CEO, there is a president and there is also a co-founder...I just so happen to be the president but I am the CEO of Chill Beatz Productions.

JH: What are some main themes you use or what is your motivation?

CB: Really and truly I feel like music is a love for me because it allows me just to be free. It allows me to connect with other people, when I see them on the same type of vibe of music I'm on…that lets me know that they're cool and I can party with them. Music really allows me to express who I am and what I do…music is just all about life in a vibe for me.

JH: What's your biggest challenge with being independent?

CB: The biggest thing right now is just, back in the day it was like you go in the studio, make an album, you sent the album out to the mom and pop stores, you would send it to the small radio stations and then you would hit the road…bang out shows, sell your cds and make a damn good living. But now everything is digital, everything is done through the internet…so it doesn't matter how good your music is, if you're not on the internet 24/7 and have people liking your Facebook page or following you on Twitter, then you're kind of losing in the game.

JH: Do you have a music making process or ritual that helps you get your beats done?

CB: Naw not at all, when it comes to making tracks, man to me I just love to get in there! It's all about the creative process and that what makes me excited. I like to go in the room and have the ceiling fan runnin' and all I hear in the room is the ceiling fan but when I walk out the room…all I hear is the gotdamn banger! Know what I'm saying…that's what I like about music, it depends on my mood…I just live off of life man!

JH: What is the direction that you want your music to go in?

CB: Real talk this year I decided to be true to myself, my music and all that I do. I can honestly say that there is good music being made but it feels whack because everybody chasin' a hit and to be honest everybody chasin' white folks. Ima just gone' say it, everybody wants to be a crossover artist. Which I don't mind because I've done everything from country, rock and pop…so I ain't ever tripping off a challenge. But my thing is when it comes to me and my music, I feel like people wanna hear real shit and truth of the matter is rappers aint 20 no more! The cds people are buying right now are Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and they're all 30 and over…people wanna hear real music and that's why they're still relevant. That's why Soulja Boy and all these other young cats make their hits and get the fuck out the way! I'm headed back to making real music that feels good to me…fuck what everybody else going' through.

JH: Do you feel as if the recession has hurt the music industry any?

CB: Ima be honest with you, not at all for the simple fact that if a person wasn't buying music back then…then they aint buying music now. But on the other end of that people support who they feel, they support who they fuck with and that's why real music is where it's at right now because at the end of the day, overseas and in the US…if you wanna eat, you gotta make real music. And that's what these boys aint understanding, yeah you see the glitz and the glam but real music is selling albums…that fake shit don't sell albums, so that's what it is…I believe, recession or no recession!

JH: What keeps you going…what keeps Chill on his grind?

CB: Real shit, Ima be honest the thing that keeps me going and I aint knockin' nobody that believes in God or whatever your religion is. I always hear people talk about hope, faith and belief but at the end of the day what I understand is that hard work supposed to bring income…simple as that! I know too many folks around me that don't have shit to show but they're good people…they don't have the grind to get up and go get it but I do! So the thing that wakes me up every morning is knowing that my I have a cousin that I love, who can't afford all her medical bills but she do what she can to do to make ends meet. I do it my homeboy that is going through a divorce and his ex-wife is sending him through the ringer and trying to ruin his business but he's a good dude. I do it for the underdogs but they just been beat down so much by life, that they just don't have a way at all! God blessed me with a talent that's not for me…so I go out there and get it for everybody I wanna see live good and do well. I just wanna see everybody do well!

JH: How do you define your success or success period?

CB: To me I feel like I'm successful in the industry for the simple fact that I get paid to do what I love and it's not even about how much I get paid…it's the simple fact that I get paid to do what I love and I don't ask for a lot. All I want is to have enough hustle on how to turn that love of what I do into getting paid for what I do and making it do what it do! I love the industry for the fact that if my son comes to me and wants a birthday party that will cost $5000…that I have enough hustle to call around and say, "hey put me on that comedy show or put me down to do these shows for whoever on tour". I just love the fact that I have the ability to be able to do that…that measures my success. I don't have to break down a brick and sell it to get what I want…I don't have to take those calculated risks. Last year for my 29th birthday I said that I wanted a BMW and I did that off telling jokes and dj'n…so that's success to me, I'm successful!

JH: If you had to change something about your music, what would it be?

CB: Real talk, I think I would focus more on going harder for the person that has the positive message and not always the negative. The negative message is so easy to produce, it's so easy to get the publicity, it's so easy to get people to dance, and it's so easy to get people to buy into the negative. I have so many talented young people that are trying to do the right thing and make positive music. They have nothing but a positive message and nobody wants to hear it…we thrive off of negative energy. At the end of the day, time is money and I can only dedicate so much time towards that because it doesn't make money, unfortunately. If I could change something, I would change the fact that me having patience to kinda eat crow on not making the money to push the positive stuff more often because we're dying as a race. And I think that's the only way we can save our race is through the media, it seems like we tend to imitate what we hear and see.

JH: What can people expect from one of your shows?

CB: To have a good muthafuckin' time, straight up…look I'm not blind to the fact that I aint the tallest, the sexiest or have the prettiest skin. People fuck with me because I make them feel like kinfolk…I make them feel like they've known me for 30 or 40 years. But they just love to rock with me, people be like "man, I feel like I've known you forever". When I do my comedy shows, I'm not "Hollywood" and I don't give a fuck who I'm doing a show with. Ima heckle you in the audience and then buy you a drink and kick it with you for the rest of the night. Everybody that comes around me sees I'm a genuine dude, I'm all about having a good time and living in the moment because I work so much. So I have to cherish every fun moment I get and work is fun for me…I never consider it as working. You're gonna have a good time…I'm gonna guarantee you a good memory.

JH: What is the impression you want to leave or what is it that you want people to take from you and your music?

CB: I would want the world to see me the same way my kids do, as their "hero". My kids tell me all the time "daddy I like basketball but I don't want to be like LeBron, I want to be like you" or "I like listening to Jay-Z but I want to be you". And it's not because of what I do or what I give them but it's because at all times of the day I am the cleanest, most positive person you'll ever meet. My thing is for all the little kids in my life or the people around me to be like with all he has been through and done…if he can do it, then I can too. I would just want the world to follow my positivity…put the guns down, cut the bullshit and just love one another. We're dying as a race, we're headed for extinction…I want to help people care about who they are. In 2000 we made up 20%, in 2002 we made up 16%, in 2007 we made up 14% and right now we make up 12%. We're dying, we're becoming dinosaurs and no one is even noticing. That's what I want for people to see from me that I am a positive dude…that believes and cares about his people and did everything to bring his people to a better place.

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