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The Funky Sounds of Honey Blo on the Bagpipe "Love and Alcohol Just Don't Mix"

Honey Blo BluesHoney Blo, the funkiest playin' bagpiper from the windy city, Chicago. His music has a unique sound that takes funk to another level that will please any bagpipe lover and newcomers it is a little something new to explore. The capability of this fine instrument goes beyond people's stereotype image of men wearing kilts and playing music heard in Scotland. The old Ohio school funk style mixed, with a hip hop/pop funk is not known to exist in an instrument of this type, except for Honey Blo, the man who is making history with his creative musical skill.

His music teacher Duke Payne, who also taught him to play the alto saxophone and flute, introduced honey to the bagpipe in grade school. His funky style of singing comes from growing up listening to the "Godfather of Soul James Brown". Honey Blo is an independent artist on his own label, he produce, writes his own music and have his own dance style to amaze any one who check out his video on YouTube. Honey Blo is on a mission to educate the world to the other side of the bagpipe with his new release Blazin' & Steppin' written by long time friend and business associate Walter Newby a.k.a "Funky Walter" Honey stated, when he first heard the song he knew that adding the bagpipe would be off the hook, so he asked and received, with it now blowin' up the radio stations and internet.

The swaggering and energetic music is gaining popularity, and he is deservedly becoming a Chicago Blues/Funk legend; with performing at numerous Chicagoland clubs and taverns; specifically, Durkin's, The Taste, and East of the Ryan. He's been tested by the best, having played with Chicago Blues master, Muddy Waters; the talented and loved Lovely Lee; and the ever-talented Artie 'Blues Boy' White; Super Percy; and Vance Kelly.

Honey Blo's Releases

Blazin' & Steppin'
Hot Legs Baby
Funky Bagpipe Ghetto
Love and Alcohol Just Don't Mix

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Phone: 773 324-0348

Honey Blo's schedule is open for corporate events, parties, and for any person in need of good, jazzy, original music.

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