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The Lifestyle Of The Last Gutta Chick

Anything short of an introduction Lakita Andrews also known as Short Beasy born to Trinity Gardens the heart of Houston Texas. As the only last Gutta Chick one of Houston's most talented female artist the underground world has ever seen.

Rapping for the artist started at the early age of 8 and with perfecting her skills by performing her own written lyrics for classmates, friends and family prepared her for the stage. As the years passed and the talent began to flourish, Short Beasy recieved her first chance with a rap duo called 2-2 Life. The duo was part of the independent record label Thermolized Records which was heavy in the Northeast part of Houston. The beginning of her career officially took off when she joined the family owned label On Time Records in 2000 which started her road to success.

In 2011 Short Beasy signed a management deal with 1 Deep Management Group and as the journey continued it was the artist goal to make her mark in the rap industry. It is needed to be known that Short Beasy has branded the name and game. The launch of Hateda Alert Records, the self made label was created to give a plateform for Short Beasy and other artist.

The Houston artist credits her style of lyrics to her daily lifestyle and experiences. The backbone to this female phenom starts with her biggest supporters her mother Mary Manning and C-Easy, who played a part in keeping the Houston artist grounded. Short Beasy started a steady flow in the streets performing at various venues, dropping mix tapes, and opening shows for mainstream artist such as Lil Keke The Dun, building her name in the streets of Houston stronger and bridging the gap across the nation.

Branching out of Houston she has appeared on TV shows such as America Got Talent, Hot TV, Street Flavor, and various underground TV networks. Her visibility in the industry hasn't gone unseen, receiving awards from her peers such as Grinder of the Month, which was presented to her by Hot TV's owner Malik Rosheed. This diverse female artist is also the winner of 15 trophies winning top artist in various rap tournaments around the city. Although never signing a deal with a major label, she credits her success to the streets of Houston. Despite international attention, Short Beasy has produced major hits such as So Whatz Up, Beast Mode, Stay Dippin in the Hood, Getting Paid, I Got My Wrist Whippin'-n-Spinning and Who Dat, which all branched from Texas to Louisiana. The road to her success in the rap industry didn't come without help from promoters, producers and record labels such as Wickett Crickett (Mentor and Promoter), Pain Killer (Hot TV - VJ), Rap A lot Records (Frank Nitty and Milton Prince), Cezo the Pro (Producer), Moon Eyes (Graphic Designer), Spyda (Video Techician), Malik Rosheed (owner of Hot TV), Walt@G (hype man), and Mikecold (Web designer and consultant). Forming a movement with her own label HatedaAlert records, she signed new street talent such as Walt@G the Prodigy, UT Quan, Tugunz, Lil Flow, MikeCold and DJ Tate. The best has yet to come from this blazing female artist/entrepreneur with up and coming projects such as, The Last Gutta Chick Autobiography, Hateda Alert Mixtape Volume 1, and her self acclaimed Mixtape Series Welcome 2 My Hood. Reaching out to all varieties of listeners nationwide, the global movement for this artist is on the rise. In the words of Shortbeasy, "be easy and much love to the haters."

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