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BossoloBossolo is an American rapper from Riverside, California. He began releasing albums in 1990 known by the name of Smooth Mc.T rap duo "Words Of Mouth" with Smooth being the rapper and Dante Donerson the producer and rap artist.

Ever since he was a child he was infatuated by music taking a liking to Midnight Star, The Bar Kays, Parliament Funkadelic, George Duke, Bootsy , Rick James, Earth Wind and Fire and The Commodores, at only six years of age buying records at the local record shops in his hometown.

His passion for music ran deep, recording and sending in demos tapes on the regular base became a great obsession for him. The Obsession took a toll on him when the duet "Words Of Mouth" landed a Record Deal in March 1991 with Capitol Records and just 1 month later the record contract was terminated, Smooth Mc. T aka Bossolo had a nervous breakdown and didn't recover until ten years later 2001.

After the damage of not being a rap star surpassed Smooth Mc. T decided to jump back into the rap game going by the Alias Mr. Solo, but without a producer he seldom wondered how would he ever record his music again not having a music producer. His hard work and determination to find a music producer payed off when he finally found a local music producer from Perris, California named Dean Johnson. Bossolo found himself recording every day and sending in his demo tapes to various Record Companies but after shopping for major deals and being rejected, Bossolo made a firm decision to just sell his music on the streets.

2005 landed a record deal with Walter McWilson, BlackKnight Ent. Based out of San Diego, CA., to being on Thump Records 2008, to being on contract with artist Big Syke, Ride On Em Records. Bossolo has worked with Dr. Dre's Protege' Truth Hurts, Money B of Digital underground, Playa Hamm full album Boss Playa Project, Big Syke, Daz Dilliger with the song "Making them Dollars" that's on Daz Compilation Album, Who Ride Wit Us Vol 5. Scarface, Mr. Mike of South Circle Spice 1, which is a platinum artist straight out the Bay Area with their record Spice1 and Bossolo full album "Thug Therapy", which is distributed thru Empire Records and known across the world as one powerful hot Album. He has numerous work with Kokane, Wc of Westside Connection song " One West" which is featured on his album "No Mercy" that was released in 2017.

Memeber of Tupac's Thuglife Group Macadoshis, and the O.G Legendary from the band Body Count, SVU and multi-platinum artist Ice -T " I Am Legend" which is on the full length album " I Am Who I Am "which also was released in 2017.

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