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For His Glory
Gregory A. Daniels - Saxman

Gregory Daniels

The new release "For His Glory" by Gregory Daniels is a mixture of spiritual blessing inspired by the Glory he has for Almighty God. His ability to blow smooth gospel on the sax that gives praise, worship and understanding though music. Jamsource/Runway talks to Gregory about the journey with his music and life.

J/R - How and who planted the seed to your musical career and at what age did you get serious about the art?

GD - My parents who are both musicians planted the seed of music; they sing and play the piano. However, it is also self-inspired. I always aspired to be great at everything I do. Music is one of those things.

After failing band in the sixth grade, I had no desire to play the sax again. But God had a different plan for me. Being a lover of music all of my life, I didn't realize that I had a gift until I was 18 years old. It was then that my saxophone musical journey began. Once the gift was revealed to me, the art of music became serious & alive from within.

J/R - What instruments do you play beside the sax?

GD - The Shophar/"Ram's Horn" is another instrument I am able to play. I play it for Yom Kippur each year. I also play the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones for all of my other events.

J/R - What life experiences have you encounter to get to this stage in your life and is it a part of your music?

For The Glory CD:: Gregory DanielsGD - The life experiences I have gone through has helped shape who I am, how I play my music and how I feel when I play. If it had not been for the triumphs and the failures I would not be where I am or who I am today. As with all great musicians, life experiences are what puts emotion in the songs and brings life to the melodies. The things I go through in life become a part of me, which in turn is expressed through my music. Thru that I purpose to connect with my audience of all kinds causing them to forget the things of their past & what they have gone thtough & enjoy the moment of their present through the sound that penetrates their hearts as I blow.

J/R - Who are some of the people in the industry that you look to for inspiration with your music?

GD - There are so many great saxophonists; each with their own unique sound and style. The ones I admire would be Gerald Albright for the jazz genre and Vernard Johnson in the gospel genre. Each has helped to pave the way for saxophonists like me.

J/R - Who are some of the artist you have done shows with and who would you like to perform with?

GD - I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and open up for artist such as John P. Kee, the Williams Brothers and Donald Lawrence just to name a few.

J/R - Since you can blow both gospel and jazz do you plan to stay in the gospel category or will you be recording any jazz in the near future?

GD - Although I plan to record a jazz/love album in the future, my heart belongs to Christian music and it is and will continue to be my first love because of the giver of the gift. I enjoy playing the saxophone & my reward is when I see how others are fulfilled through hearing my music.