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Houston Creole Festival 2015
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The Zydeco Blues & Trail Riders Awards 2016
Dedicated to The Memory of Jackie Neal “Buckwheat”
Houston, Texas

The ultimate awards show that recognize those that represent the Southern Style of Creole Zydeco and Southern Soul/Blues. Preserving the heritage of a style of music that expresses it all in lyrics, unique instruments and the artist that paved the path for the new comers in the industry.

The prestigious event begun in 2014, Houston, Texas by CEO/Founder Tamisha Horton, along with producers Dendra Butler and Lakeitha Berotte.

*Queen Ida *Step Rideau
2016 ZBT Clifton Chenier Lifetime 2016 ZBT Icon Award Recipient

*Lawrence “Black” Ardoin
2016 ZBT Living Legend Award Recipient

ZBT Awards: * Artist of the Year (Lil’ Nate) * Best Collaboration (Brian Jack ft J Paul Jr. & Mr. Eli) * Swing Out Song of the Year Cornbread & Greens (Bryson Bernard – New Cupid ft Pokey Bear Brown) * DJ of the Year (Leroy DJ Boy Johnson) * Southern Soul Artist of the Year (Jeter Jones) * Blues Fandemonioum (Pokey Bear Brown) * Accordion Player of the Year (Andre Thierry) * Producer of the Year (Beat Flippa) * Lyrical Artist of the Year (Jacc Daniel) * New Artist of the Year (Crystal Thomas) * Partner/Swing Out Instructor (Pat Cel) * Line Dance of the Year Swagg Line Dance (Bryson Bernard – New Cupid) * Ronald Scooby Worthy Award (Steven Dargin) * Ultimate Entertainment Award (Keith Frank) * Promoter of the Year (GFE)

Photo Credit: Jamsource/Runway Magazine

100 Black Men Gala 2016
An Evening Of Jazz
Zydeco Awards 2015