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Trail Ride Master & Horse Trainer William Sandles
Leading the Pack Straight Out Of Houston, Texas

Keeping the heritage alive is what Willam Sandles is achieving with a passion for the horses, trail riding and keeping the legacy alive, because it’s not your grandpa show no more. William was raised in the small town of Madisonville, Texas, by his mother Vickie Sandles, who played a major part in his life and after taking ill a few years ago, she passed the title of presidency to him for the trail riding group Family Circle, which she held for 15 yrs. He continues the responsibility of running the trail riding group and hosting events, but his true love is with training horses.

William enjoy telling about the first horse he trained when he was 12 years old, an appaloosa stud colt that belonged to a man that lived close by named Had My Smith, this was the first of many training sessions, that made the love for the sport and lifestyle even stronger now at the age of 33. He explains that he trains many breeds and gaits with the idea that a horse is just that, and you must bond on the horse’s level. It’s not about teaching them, it’s getting them to pick it up and remembering.

It’s a known fact that many can ride a horse, but it takes a real rider to have control of the horse, where it’s does what it is commanded. William goes on to say that every horse is not the same, it may take a little longer to train one, where another may catch on right away. He knows and understand it takes patience and it gives him a sense of peace everyday coming in after doing his trade of Journeyman Carpenter by day, and spending the rest working on the stables and training facility. At the training facility he trains standardbred walking horses and quarter racers, sporting, and event horses such as buggy race, under saddle, roping and just riding. He states that he loves seeing the ones he has trained go on to be the best at their job and that he loves what he does so much, that he will continue to do it until he is unable to do it anymore.

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