Big CynthiaCynthia (“Big Cynthia") Walker who could jump start any event and keep it rolling was legend in how she would capture the audience and keep them active and involved when she took center stage.

The last time Big Cynthia’s presence honored was at the celebration of JAMSOURCE/ RUNWAY Magazine 16th Year Celebration presented by Carolyn D. Baker, Founder. It didn't matter what the occasion was you were going to get her best performance. Our intentions were to do a featured story of Big Cynthia after her appearance at the Jamsource/Runway Magazine Celebration, however God had other plans. She will be missed, but not forgotten.

The artist, Queen of R&B/Blues “BIG CYNTHIA”, born Cynthia Walker in Houston, Texas was an inspiring figure in the industry and life. She was bestowed with talent, that she inherited from her father saxman Junior Walker of Motown Records fame, and her mother, Gloria Adams a gospel artist.

At the age of 16 Big Cynthia began performing around the Houston area with local bands, where she opened for touring artists such as Johnnie Taylor. Then in 1996 Johnny Vincent signed her to the Ace Records, subsidiary Avanti and in 1997 her first CD was released nationally under the name Cynthia Walker, Baby I’m The Real Thing, in 1998.

She then joined the pet label of Mel Waiters. Brittney Records, and traveled all over the country with Waiters. This was a big break for her between traveling and recording, She and Mel put their heads together and recorded a song that was written by her entitled, "Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman". This song was written for all the big women all around the world. Being a big woman, she knew what it felt like and wrote this song to uplift big women.

This song was already a hit, which was released in February 2002 on the LP "Ain't Nothing Like A Real Woman". (A new and improved remix and extended version appears on this new CD "It's My Time" in 2012). Big Cynthia's next CD was released April 2004 entitled "You Didnt Take My Man, You Took My Problem", which repeated several songs off her previous album.

Her next big break came courtesy of a call from Tony Mercedes of Tony Mercedes Records who produced her CD entitled "Doing It Big", which was distributed by Malaco Records. The album spawned two popular songs, "If You Want To Get It" featuring Mr. David and the risqué "Eating Ain't Cheating". Tony Mercedes' TM Records went on an extended hiatus so her next released was executive produced by Donald Hearon, a performer and radio personality hailing from Las Vegas, NV. The CD, "Don't Hate", boasted another chitlin' circuit hit with the clever "I Didn't Lie, I Just Didn't Tell It All" in 2008. Now, after a four-year recording break, Big Cynthia has formed on her own label, Big Cynthia Enterprises Records (distributed by CDS Records).

She enlisted the talents of up and coming Southern Soul singer Tyree Neal (brother of the late Jackie Neal and famous Blues singer Kenny Neal) as co-producer for "It's My Time". Neal also duets with Cynthia on "Ain't Nothin' Like A Big Woman (Remix)" & "Big Leg Woman".

Special Note: Her 2015 singles from her new CD "The Return Of The Female Mack": "She Working That Nookie Thang" and "I'm Here For You Baby"? was part of Fox's Night Time Drama "Empire" soundtrack.

Our condolences to the family and friends of this wonderful soul. May God bless and keep all of you.