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"The Newest 2012 Female Rap Sensation To Watch Grow"

The newest of the female rap game in 2012, Azealia Banks an artist that combines the unique style of raunchy lyrics with a joking type of style is getting her name known around the world with much success as she take the overseas audience by storm.

Her sense of playfulness is a plus for the young 20 year old artist who was raised in Harlem where she started spittin' out a flow of lyrics that explained life from her perspective. Azealia's love for performing took her from the convent school her mother sent her to the LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts, which counts Al Pacino and Minaj among its illustrious alumni.

The future for such a fresh twist on the rap scene can be heard with a cheerful electro-house sound that the cut "212" which gives homage to her native New York area code. As Ms. Banks lyrics lack censorship, it a brimming with self-confidence and energy. Kind of like "Nicki Minaj" but with sassy classy! She spit's lyric about the artist that come to the city expecting one thing and get caught up in game. She is part of the city and knew what was going down in the industry.

As she started out writing her own lyrics when she realized her love for rap and didn't stop with the limit of formal hip-hop. Her inspiration gave at the age of 16, with admiring the rap of artist such as Missy Elliott and Lil' Kim.

It was her cover version of the song "Slow Hands" by indie-rock band Interpol that first brought her media attention with the rock song, which Banks turned into a sensuous, modern R&B ballad.

She is recognized in the industry by some big names and the signing deal is right there, but she choose to work with the underground electro artists like Machinedrum and Canadian Red Bull Music Academy graduate Lunice. She has stated that she plays by her own rules and is all about people listening to her music.

Formerly named "Miss Bank$" signed with XL Records and released the debut album "Gimme A Break" followed by "Seventeen" produced by Richard Russell. After leaving the label she switched her name to "Azealia Banks" and moved to Montreal, where she began recording music alone. Her main source she used to get her music out was the Internet Youtube, uploading several demo tracks including "L8R" and the cover of "Slow Hands" by Interpol.

As Ms. Banks moves forward as an unsigned artist is now working with British producer Paul Epworth (Adele, 21 fame) on a debut studio album. She will be performing four of the releases for the "Two Door Cinema Club Tour 2012".

Azealia Banks is staying steady on her grind with the release of the track "NEEDSUMLUV (SXIND)" in January 2012 on the Internet, which coincided with what would have been the thirty-third birthday of the late Aaliyah, who is sampled on the track. The other track produced by Paul Epworth titled "Bambi" had been selected as the soundtrack for Mugler fashion show in Paris. In February 2012 Ms. Banks revealed the title of her new debut album "Broke With Expensive Taste".

Find out more about this high powered artist @ www.azealiabanksforever.com


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